Xanvil - Building a new path to a sustainable and just society.



Culture and Ecology

maiz Xanvil A.C. is a non-profit association founded in 1999 and dedicated to the promotion of Mayan culture and the conservation of the natural environment of Mesoamerica. We closely work with rural and indigenous communities to promote sustainable development through independent and community based initiatives in the agriculture, tourism and artisan sectors. Beginning in 2006 we have expanded our work from Chiapas to central and northern Mexico. We provide services in two main areas:

Sustainable Development - Community Services
Environmental Consulting - Forest Services

In the mayan language Tzotzil, Xanvil signifies “the pathway” or “journey”. We believe in sharing a journey where cultural and environmental diversity are the motor for a harmonious and prosperous society.


Our mission is to contribute to a healthy planet by working in partnership with communities, and engaging groups and individuals, in sustainable development initiatives, promoting cultural diversity and respect for the natural environment of mesoamerica. Through community and organizational alliances, exchanges, research, public outreach, guidance, and productive initiatives we will provide a platform for marginalized communities to engage in economic development, social progress, and retention of cultural diversity while respecting the natural environment.


We work with cooperatives, community based enterprises, and businesses to create green, productive and harmonious communities through practical planning tools and learning through the following programs:

Artisans and wellbeing – Valuing our culture

We work cooperatively with more than 1600 artisans both independent and organized in 11 artisan cooperatives in Chiapas, Michoacán, Oaxaca, and San Luis Potosi, and other areas of Mexico. With a team and network of consultants with extensive experience in craft development in Mexico and internationally, we promote the development of the craft industry. The micro and small family and community artisan businesses are crucial to development in rural areas and have a direct and positive impact on the social and educational development of communities. Xanvil provides technical training, industrial and craft design, marketing and business training.

Green business initiatives – developing community enterprises

Xanvil looks to facilitate the creation and development of small community businesses in under-served rural communities that are majority indigenous and that have the capacity and potential to develop successful green oriented business. We work with communities developing ecotourism to producers of organic coffee, honey, and other non timber forest products.

Women in leadership – diversity and equality

We provide a program of workshops to assist women and promote the participation of women from rural and indigenous communities in business and leadership roles in their communities. Working with both men and women in a culturally respectful manner we look to promote social justice.

Education for the future – green culture

We believe that providing children and youth in the communities that we serve with a practical understanding of biodiversity and conservation of natural resources. It is fundamental that communities take ownership of a cultural of positive and active conservation as well as utilization of indigenous knowledge and culture that creates and maintains environmentally healthy communities.


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